Become An Installer

Become An Installer

Join the WAVE Valve Installer Network – Turn Water into Wealth!

Are you a licensed plumber looking to expand your business and increase your earnings? Look no further!

WAVE Valve Inc., a leader in water efficiency technology, invites you to become a certified installer of our revolutionary water-saving valves. Trusted by thousands worldwide, our products not only conserve water but also drastically cut water bills, saving users up to 30%.

Why Join Us?

Increased Business Exposure

As a certified installer, you’ll be directly recommended to our extensive customer base for installations.

Robust Earnings on Installations

Set your own rates and enjoy robust earnings for each installation. You control your pricing, and we provide the referrals.

Additional Revenue Streams

Earn a 20% commission on every valve you sell, in addition to your installation fees.

Industry-Leading Benefits

Our valves come with a 15-year warranty, a 50-year anti-corrosion guarantee, and a six-month money-back guarantee—no questions asked—ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business for you.

Sustainability and Growth

Be part of a solution that addresses global water scarcity and sustainability goals.


Licensed plumbing professionals with a commitment to excellence.
Ability to perform installations according to our high standards.

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Act Now! Become a preferred WAVE Valve installer and ride the wave of sustainability and profitability!

Your expertise, our cutting-edge technology—together, we can make a difference!

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