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What is the WAVE Valve?

 It’s a device that goes inside your existing waterline (after the meter) that can save you up to 30% on your monthly water bill.

The WAVE Valve simplifies the path to immediate savings through an installation process that is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Understanding the WAVE Valve™ Water Management Solution:

Compresses the accumulated air in the water line, reducing the volume of air prior to flowing through the water meter. The result is up to 30% savings on water usage and sewer costs.*

Regulates water pressure to reduce water usage by 6% to 9%. This saves water, increases the service life of plumbing system components, and reduces risks of water leaks.

The single-coil spring mechanism uses a consistent spring-force design that responds rapidly to flow variation.

*Note: Savings potential varies based on the WAVE Valve model, initial water pressure, and specific location characteristics.

Water efficiency air volume compression


Comprehensive Analysis

WAVE Valve undertakes an in-depth examination, providing a detailed analysis of your current water utility expenditures and consumption patterns. It’s highly advisable to opt for a site survey for precise assessment.


Formal Agreement

A thorough proposal/agreement is prepared and shared digitally with all concerned parties, ensuring consensus on terms before dispatching any valve.


Professional Installation

WAVE Valve collaborates with certified local plumbers to facilitate a property inspection, determining the exact installation prerequisites.


Post-Install Savings Review

Our highly trained team of Data Analysts will deliver a meticulous analysis highlighting the achievable savings in water consumption and associated costs.

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