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WAVE VALVE: Water Air Volume Efficiency

Saving Water and Reducing Water Costs

25.3% Water Cost Savings

DoubleTree Santa Fe

DoubleTree Santa Fe

4 Floors | 130 Rooms | Swimming Pool | Fitness Center | 1 Restaurant

Results: After installation of the WAVE Valve™ Solution at the DoubleTree Hotel in Santa Fe, there was a descrease of 25.3% Monthly water consumption cost.

Water Use Savings: After the installation of the WAVE Valve™ Solution the hotels realized a reduction of 8.1% in their monthly water usage, without noticeable change or difference in the guest experience.

20.7% Water Cost Savings

The Gates Hotel

Miami, Florida 

8 Floors | 235 Rooms | Swimming Pool | 24-Hour Fitness Center | 1 Restaurant

Results: After installation of the WAVE Valve™ Solution, the location had a decrease of 20.7% in monthly water consumption cost, and a water savings of 8.99%.

Water Use Savings: Before installation, the hotel used an average of 133.3 gallons per night sold. After installation, water use decreased to 105.7 gallons per night sold. Additionally, with an increase of 6.8% in average number of nights sold, the gallons consumed decreased by 16.5% during the 12 months after the installation. The result was an average savings of 68,920 gallons of water per month.

25.3% Water Cost Savings

Acadian Gardens

Lafayette, Louisiana

Results: After installation of the WAVE Valve Solution, the property had a decrease of 25.4% in monthly water consumption cost.

Net Operating Income: The apartments realized a $150,000 increase in property value after the net operating income boost from the WAVE Valve.

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